HTS-SS Blue Full Combo Sensore Amp 50A, Volt, GPS, 4 Sonde Temperatura

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FEATURES: May be installed in nearly all electric RC aircraft including
helicopters gliders and aerobatic planes
Uses the Hitec Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (AFHSS)
that allows electric flyers to monitor a variety of information
on the Hitec Aurora 9 transmitter or through a PC
Two year limited warraty through Hitec beginning at date of purchase

INCLUDES: #55834 4 Temperature Sensors HRCM5834
#55850 50A Current Sensor HRCM5850
#55851 Voltage Sensor HRCM5851
#55849 Sensor Station HRCM5847
#55836 GPS Sensor HRCM5836
#55855 200A Current Sensor HRCM5855
#55833 Optical RPM Sensor HRCM5833
#55842 Magnetic RPM Sensor HRCM5842